Chevron Pattern Cutting Board

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      This one-of-a-kind (literally only one left) cutting board was designed and crafted by hand in the USA.  We do not mass produce out boards, so rest assured yours will be unique.   A food-grade mineral oil and beeswax finish bring to life the deep, beautiful grain of the mahogany, maple, and walnut board, but also protect it and make it safe to use in the kitchen.  The faces of the cutting board are edge-grain for added durability when used for cutting.  


      This board is approximately 14" in length, 10" in width, and 1.5" in thickness.  It weighs approximately 4.2 pounds.  

      It is made from black walnut, cherry. and maple, and finished with food-grade mineral oil and a specially formulated wax.  The wax contains beeswax, coconut oil, mineral oil, and vitamin E.  


      This cutting board will ship 4-6 weeks from the order date. (Rush available upon request)  UPS typically delivers in 3-5 days, but their delivery time is outside of our control and not guaranteed.  The cost of shipping is included in the price for destinations within the United States.  If you are shipping to another country, you may be subject to additional fees for shipping.  You may also be subject to additional taxes or tariffs imposed by your country.  

      Return/Refund Policy

      We do not accept returns or issue refunds for delivered products, except in instances where there is a defect in workmanship.  The determination on whether or not to issue a refund is ours and ours alone.  

      Care and Maintenance

      •  NEVER submerge your cutting board in water for any length of time.  Wood is porous and can soak up large amounts of water, which could destroy the board.  Instead, clean with a damp, soapy cloth or sponge, rinse, and then immediately dry the board.

      • DO NOT put your board in a dishwasher.  It is not dishwasher safe, and doing so will result in irreparable damage it the piece.

      • DO NOT use any type of vegetable or olive oil.  Some oils can turn rancid, which can result in a health hazard or lead to some pretty horrible smells.

       DO  use food-grade mineral oil to protect and condition your board.  Every fourth or fifth use, or anytime the board develops a "dry" look, apply food-grade mineral oil by wiping it with a cloth, allowing it to soak in, and wiping away any excess. You do not have to use any kind of special "cutting board formula."  Any food-grade mineral oil from your local drugstore or Amazon will do.  

      Over time, your board will likely get knife marks and other scrapes across the surface.  If it does, just pick up a sanding block from your local home improvement store in 220 grit, and sand until they disappear.  You can also use an orbital sander.  Please remember to use normal safety precautions when sanding.  Once you've sanded it back to its original glory, apply food-grade mineral oil liberally, let sit for twenty minutes, wipe away the excess, and then repeat an hour later.  Two coats should be plenty.  You can also add a coat of beeswax, which can be found at your local home improvement store if you prefer.  

      If you have any questions about board maintenance, please email us at