Caring for Your Ring

Look, I know everyone tells you that once the wedding ring goes on, it never comes off.  That's figurative, not literal.  Take it off and clean it every once in awhile, you filthy animal.


Wood moves when it gets wet, (That's what she said!) and that is bad.  Our rings are water resistant, but not waterproof.  You should avoid prolonged exposure to water.  Take it off when you swim. Don't soak with it in a hot tub.  You're fine to wash your hands with it on, or take a quick shower while wearing it.  We try to be really great with regards to our warranty, but we can't replace rings that you destroy by not following the rules.

Also, I know you may like to pick up heavy metal objects and put them down repeatedly.  This can damage many rings, especially the softer metals, epoxy, wood.  Maybe slip it in your gym bag when you're working out.  

A quick wipe down with a damp cloth should be all you need, but if you really grime it up, a cheap toothbrush and some soap and water should do the trick.

Stainless/Damascus Steel

Chlorine is kryptonite to stainless steel.  It doesn't much care for salt water either. No pools, hot tubs, or cleaning with the tears of your enemies.   You can clean with soap and water, and hit the really grimy ones with a toothbrush.  You can even use a mild toothpaste to clean it if you like minty fresh fingers.  


Tungsten is an extremely tough band. BUT, they can be broken.  That helps in an emergency, but doesn't do much for you when you drop them onto a hard surface like concrete.  Do not let harsh chemicals get on the ring.  It isn't pretty.  Clean with soap and water.  Use a toothbrush if it's nasty.  Sensing a theme?


Black Ceramic

Use mild soap and water to clean.  This one, too, is extremely tough.  But it can be broken.  We learned that the first time when we shattered one in a vise on accident.  Otherwise, these guys are pretty durable.  


How cool is it that we put actual meteorite into some rings?  Pretty badass, right?  Let's keep yours looking great.  Meteorite has a high iron content, and because of that, it can rust if exposed to an oxidizing agent.  Chlorine, salt, water, bleach, etc can all cause this to happen.  Do not wear it in a bath, hot tub, a pool, the ocean, whatever weird hippy salt bath you're into, or anything like that.  Take it off when you use harsh chemicals like engine degreaser or oven cleaner.  

If it does rust, a little baking soda and a toothbrush will clean it right up.  Dry it completely after doing so. If you do get some rust, send it back to us and we will refinish it to protect it again.