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Custom Wedding Rings & Other Handcrafted ​​Gifts

At Copper State Custom, we meticulously handcraft custom wedding rings and other ​​handcrafted gifts to keep in your family as forever heirlooms.

Getting married? Your partner is one of a kind, and so is the love you share. Don't settle for a generic ring—get them a beautiful, handcrafted wedding ring they'll cherish for all eternity. Or perhaps you have a good friend, beloved family member, or cool coworker you want to show your appreciation for. Check out our selection of affordable gifts like pens, pen cases, cutting boards, or cigar and whiskey trays.

Shop our handmade wedding bands and other personalized​​ gifts today. We provide lifetime warranties on all our custom wedding rings and pens and can guarantee our other products will stand the test of time.

Custom Cutting Boards

Our custom, handmade cutting boards are beautiful heirloom pieces ready to serve your family for years.

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