Gallery of past custom projects and comissions.

Custom 3 wood and metal inlay ring

This one was really special. It's a custom Christmas gift for a mother.

Each household member gave a theme of what the mother meant to them in a few words. The Spouse chose "true love" One Daughter chose "strength" another Daughter chose "pure heart" and the Son chose "the glue that holds us together"
Our artisan took these themes and designed a ring around these themes. Padauk (the bright red wood) for pure love, Ironwood (the dark wood) for strength, and purple heart (the purple wood) for pure heart. and a silver solder (the silver between the woods) binding the jagged, uneven and unfitting edges of the wood perfectly together. This commission remains our favorite and really let our artisans showcase their creative abilities.

Custom laser engraved antique walnut jewelry trays with initials

A customer wanted a special wedding gift for his three daughters. These jewelry trays were what he had in mind.  The wood is carved from a walnut tree from his grandfathers farm he loved. We laser engraved each girl's initials in them to be presented on his wedding day. A great idea and we were proud to be a part of such a unique and personal gift!

A personal Project, My wife gave me an Axe head for Christmas so I made a solid curly maple handle for it out from some sun rotted scrap I had, It was such a shock to see how gorgeous and intense the waves where in this stave of wood.

3d printed face hugger custom oil painted

This one was... interesting. It was actually a Valentines day Gift for his wife. The print is almost a 1/1 scale of the movie prop fully articulating and was hand painted with acrylics and oil paints for realism. The body was printed in PLA and the limbs in ABS. It took about a week on ultra fine detail on a Prusa Mrk3S. You can find the amazing STL file by Agisis in the link below:

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