Caring for your Charcuterie or Cutting Board

Congratulations on investing in a beautiful, handmade piece to be the focal point of your kitchen!  Whether your cutting board is end, edge, or face grain, there are a few simple tips to keeping it looking and functioning its best for years to come.

•  NEVER submerge your cutting board in water for any length of time.  Wood is porous and can soak up large amounts of water, which could destroy the board.  Instead, clean with a damp, soapy cloth or sponge, rinse, and then immediately dry the board.

• DO NOT put your board in a dishwasher.  It is not dishwasher safe, and doing so will result in irreparable damage it the piece.

• DO NOT use any type of vegetable or olive oil.  Some oils can turn rancid, which can result in a health hazard or lead to some pretty horrible smells.

DO  use food-grade mineral oil to protect and condition your board.  Every fourth or fifth use, or anytime the board develops a "dry" look, apply food-grade mineral oil by wiping it with a cloth, allowing it to soak in, and wiping away any excess. As you can see in the previous link, we do sell a great product for refinishing your board.  But, in a pinch, any food grade mineral oil from your local drugstore or Amazon will do.  

Over time, your board will likely get knife marks and other scrapes across the surface.  If it does, just pick up a sanding block from your local home improvement store in 220 grit, and sand until they disappear.  You can also use an orbital sander.  Please remember to use normal safety precautions when sanding.  Once you've sanded it back to its original glory, apply food grade mineral oil liberally, let sit for twenty minutes, wipe away the excess, and then repeat an hour later.  Two coats should be plenty.   

If you have any questions about board maintenance, please email us at