Why We Do What We Do!

December 26 2019 – Bold Commerce Collaborator

Why We Do What We Do!

Why We Do What We Do!

Hey everyone, Mike from Sheepdog Woodworks here! Hoping the holiday season has been a good one for you and your families! We worked right up to the last possible minute getting all the orders out for Christmas delivery and for those that have been waiting on us to open up for orders again, we are OPEN now!

Also, we received a review that really captures for us why we started this business in the first place! DJ sent this to us:

"Just wanted to send you guys a big thank you. This was a gift for a friend of mine and it came out fantastic. He just turned 99 and served as a pilot on the USS Essex in the pacific in WW2. This is the first time I’ve ever seen him teary eyed or speechless. You guys definitely made his year. I’ll be following up with an order for my badge soon!"

We look forward to serving those of you who will trust us with the custom piece you are looking for: police, fire, military, or even business logos and club emblems.

Each of our designs starts with a custom hand drawn recreation of the badge and is hand finished to ensure the utmost quality!

Thanks again everyone!