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  • Product Description

      Have a big deck overlooking a sprawling backyard?  How about a tiny apartment balcony overlooking a parking lot?  Either way, the Deck Bar is for you.

      Designed to serve as a place to mix drinks, a buffet for burger toppings, or a convenient place to pull up a chair and share a beer with a buddy, The Deck Bar is built for good times.

      Currently offered in CEDAR as pictured. 


      The Deck Bar is sold in different approximate lengths which you can choose above.  It is approximately 12" in depth and .75" in thickness. 

      It is made from aromatic cedar and finished with lacquer.


      This item will ship in 4-6 weeks from the date of order.  We often outperform this timeline, however, we keep it as a general guide to help clients understand the time associated with handmade, custom work.  UPS typically delivers in 3-5 days, but their delivery time is outside of our control and not guaranteed.  If you are shipping to another country, you may be subject to additional fees for shipping.  You may also be subject to additional taxes or tariffs imposed by your country.  

      Return/Refund Policy

      We do not accept returns or issue refunds for delivered products, except in instances where there is a defect in workmanship.  The determination on whether or not to issue a refund is ours and ours alone.  

      Care and Maintenance

      •  NEVER submerge your Deck Bar in water for any length of time.  Wood is porous and can soak up large amounts of water, which could destroy the item.  Instead, clean with a damp, soapy cloth or sponge, rinse, and then immediately dry the board.

      • DO NOT put your Deck Bar in a dishwasher.  It is not dishwasher safe, and doing so will result in irreparable damage to the piece.

      • DO NOT leave your Deck Bar attached to the rail of your deck or balcony when not in use.  While cedar is resistant to outdoor abuse, your Deck Bar will remain in much better condition over time if it is kept in a climate-controlled environment when not in use.